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This item is one live giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) large dish bonsai tree. The buyer will receive the tree that is pictured. The tree will be shipped in the plastic pot that it is growing in and will be packed with care to protect the tree and the live moss in transit. The root-ball dimensions are: >length: 10 1/4"< >width: 7"< >height: 2 1/2"< This tree is 17 years old. Sequoias will grow in all climate zones. You will have to be prepared to keep the tree watered. Sequoias are not drought tolerant. The giant sequoia is an outdoor bonsai. This tree was grown from seed at our nursery in the central Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The seed was selected from an ancient grove of sequoias that produce quality trees of good structure and perform well in containers. Information on the general maintenance of the tree is included with each order. Specifications: >height: 39"< >trunk diameter at root: 1 1/8"< >trunk diameter at lowest branch: 1"< >branching spread: 24"< > flared diameter at base of trunk: 1  7/8 "< >age: 17< >picture taken: 10/18/17<