This item is a package of 1 California lodgepole pine (Pinus murrayana) seedling. This seedling is 3 to 5 inches tall. These seedlings are container grown and will be shipped in the container that they are growing in. The transplant success rate of our container grown stock is 100% if proper care is provided. The lodgepole pine (Pinus murrayana) is native to the mountains of the western United States. The lodgepole pine is hardy in zones A1-A3, 1-7, and 14-17. The lodgepole pine can grow to 80 feet in height and 25 feet wide. Planted among other trees, lodgepole pines grow tall and slender, but in the open, the trunk can be quite thick, even though the tree remains narrow and dense. Lodgepole pine is named for its common use in the American Indian tepee lodge.