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This item is a package of 1 foxtail pine (Pinus balfouriana) seedling. This seedling is 3 to 4 inches tall . These seedlings are container grown and will be shipped in the container that they are growing in. The transplant success rate of our container grown stock is 100% if proper care is provided. The foxtail pine is a rare pine that only occurs in California. This species is mostly present within protected areas, including famous national parks like Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park. It can grow to a height of 75 feet and a diameter of 8 feet. It has short needles that bunch together at the end of the branches giving them the appearance of a fox's tail and its name. It can retain its needles for up to 30 years. Stands of high elevation foxtail pines are typically found on exposed, dry, and rocky slopes, ridges, and mountain peaks. They are well adapted to survive in the inhospitable environmental conditions that exist in these locations including intense cold, drought and wind.